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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

1988 chevy s10, 4.3 engine oil pressure

other day i got in to go somewhere and saw my oil pressure was stuck at 80. if i turn the key off it will drop back down to 0. i checked oil and theres not too much either. it is actually a little low. i checked my pcv valve which i know has nothing to do with ti and noticed i had 2. dad said i should only have 1. i had one on each valve cover on each side of engine. one was bad and one was good. i replaced the bad one. i was told its either a stepper motor which i have no idea what that is, my oil sending unit, or  possibly my oil pump going out. what do you think would be more likely be problem? i dont wanna pull the motor out to change pump and it not be problem either.

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