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Sunday, April 20, 2014

1995 Geo Prizm soft brake pedal

I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with my wife's 95 Geo Prizm.  The brake pedal is really soft.  Stops but not as well as it should.  I thought at first I had a bad Master Cylinder but replacing that didn't help.  Yes I did bench bleed it very carefully and made sure all the lines were bled thoroughly also.  Self-adjusters seem to be working okay also.  Any suggestions would be welcome, I don't like her driving with her car like this but we both have to work.  Thanks!


  1. Make sure the drums are adjusted properly as they control pedal height and firmness... also verify no leaks anywhere

  2. Have your wife pump the brakes and look at the "Flex Hoses" on each front wheel and from body to rear axel or if equipped with independent rear suspension to each rear wheel.

    Watch for "BULGING" in the lines, if you find it replace and bleed lines.

    Front hoses are around $15-17 each Rear hose for your car around $10.

    If you do not see any bulging I would then bleed the brake lines by having your wife pump the brakes up and HOLD pressure then bleed them starting at right rear brake then left rear then right front then left front.

    To help prevent AIR getting into the lines as you are bleeding them use a rubber hose that will fit snuggly over the bleed screw and put it into a small see through bottle in about an inch of brake fluid.

    When you don't see anymore bubbles that wheel is bleed.

    MAKE SURE THE BLEED SCREW IS TIGHT WHEN FINISHED! Have seen some where they are not tight and over a period of time you are doing it again.

    Another thought, if you have never replaced the brake fluid or it is "dark/dirty" looking plan on replacing all fluid in brake system as regular brake fluid will absorb moisture over time making it less reliable. This will happen unless your car uses "SYNTHETIC" BRAKE FLUID which is much more resistant to moisture absorption.

    I have had a "Spongy brake peddle" with moisture in the brake fluid.

    You can do this yourself yet but it helps to have a 3rd person to monitor the reservoir to keep it from running dry and having air get in line.

    I will GUARANTEE a lot of swearing if that happens and it is a PITA for you or your wife to try to keep an eye on it and do your main job! It will fail at some point!

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