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Saturday, April 05, 2014

99 Ford Explorer will Not Start code p1260

1999, Ford Explorer, 4.0L
P1260, Anti-Theft On, No Start, Driver’s Door Handle Inoperative, Replaced Driver’s Door Handle

ComplaintThe customer states the vehicle will not start, the check engine light is on. The customer also states the driver’s door handle does not work properly.

Confirmed the customer’s concern and found the vehicle did not start. Connected a scan tool and found code P1260 – Theft Detected – Vehicle Immobilized. The anti-theft system can be disarmed by unlocking any door with the key. The driver’s door handle was damaged and the door could not be locked or unlocked. Unlocked the passenger’s door and used the scan tool to clear codes. Observed the anti-theft system was disarmed and the vehicle started. Removed the driver’s door panel and used a multi-meter to check for continuity at the door disarm switch. Observed continuity was present when the lock cylinder was unlocked and no continuity was present when the lock cylinder was locked, as specified. The damaged driver’s door handle prevented the door disarm switch from changing between unlocked and lock. When the anti-theft system was armed with the keyless entry transmitter, the PATS module received a door open signal from the driver’s door and the “Theft Detected” protocol was activated.

Replaced the driver’s door handle, cleared codes, performed a road test and verified the vehicle operated properly. The check engine light did not illuminate and no fault codes returned.


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