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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Chevy S10 Swaying badly

i got a 1988 gmc s15 which is the same as the s10 pretty much. it has the 4.3 engine in it. my problem is when im going about 60-65 mph it starts swaying really bad on me. my dads car done it other day like that but was a low tire. i checked my air pressure and it was all at 35 psi.
would getting some kind of sway bar fix that problem?

my uncle had a 1990 jeep he dropped a chevy 350 in and it swayed really bad and his friend told him to put a sway bar on it and it stopped. it drives like a new car.

what do you think about getting a sway bar and where would i put something like that?


  1. i think it may be my whole front end. other than the swaying, when im trying to stop i barely touch brakes and i slide about a foot.

  2. Take it to midas autocare and ask them for a free diagnosis and estimate, they will give you a big long list of everything wrong with your truck

  3. Maybe it's time to junk it out instead of throwing money away trying to fix a whole front end - hmmmmm

  4. gonna buy me another car? lol
    theres a self service salvage where you pull your own parts and a whole front end is under $100