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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Ford Explorer Rear end fluid coating everything

On my Ford explorer sport 2001... I have rear end grease coating everything from the housing back including the tire... It looks like it may be coming out of the vent tube that is held up high by a retainer. What may have caused that?  Two weeks ago I replaced the ABS speed sensor in top of the rear end housing w/o-ring included. I”m guessing that might be a correlation? I will pull the vent tube and clean/replace washout the rear end and install new synthetic grease.... Any ideas on this would be appreciated.

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  1. My first guess would be that the rear end was overfilled... The tube may have been clogged but if fluid is coming out now, I'm guessing it isn't clogged anymore. It didn't leak before you replaced the sensor and now it does, or did. You are probably right in thinking the vent was clogged and it was venting out where the bad sensor was that you replaced, You replaced the sensor and o-ring, it built up pressure and came out the only place it could. If it was overfilled, it would make the condition worse. Since these rear end bearings tend to be soft, its probably a good idea to flush it out anyway and put the fresh fluid in, so no harm there. Cleaning the tube is a great idea as well.

    Good Luck with your project...