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Thursday, April 03, 2014

single to dual exhaust

I am wanting to get true dual exhaust on my 88 Chevy S10.
i recently just cut my catalytic converter off and ran a straight pipe with a glass-pack on it. this was about 3 months ago. i been thinking about doing dual exhaust on it now. can they cut the crossover pipe and just add a new pipe to other side of truck or do they have to cut my new pipe off and add a new one to that side too?

what do most places charge also for dual exhaust to be done? i figure it probably varies per state and everywhere. Oklahoma don't have emission laws to check for cats so i wont put cats on both pipes. thanks a lot for answers ahead of time.


  1. I would probably just get headers for both sides and then run glass packs off of those. Make sure you get the headers with a hole for any oxygen sensors that are in the stock manifolds. Might give you more power too.

  2. ...& don't forget a new crossover pipe... ...& make sure your state doesn't have smog requirements and/or laws...

  3. i only had one oxygen sensor instead of 2 like most of them had. when i cut cat off i didnt have any check engine light so i should be fine.

  4. headers are an excellent upgrade and improves the efficiency of your engine while improving your gas mileage and power curve, you will be able to upgrade your air intake system with something better such as maybe a cold air intake system which will further improve your power.

  5. the crossover pipe is a must, and even if taking risk with smog regulations, it does make a car damn sight cooler.