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Monday, May 05, 2014

2000 Ford Explorer steering problem

Hi, I'm new to the group hope I'm going about this the correct way. I need some advice on my 2wd 00 Explorer, its a V8 automatic and its got a steering problem (?). It shudders real bad in front end when turning but it only does it at low rpms. Flushed fluid yesterday, no help. Rack pinion look good, and don't see belt jumping. Pump isn't making noise doesn't leak but is next up on my list. Am I heading right direction or does anyone have better suggestion? Any help would be appreciated


  1. you might have a loose power steering belt or your front tires might be too big and may be rubbing the frame when you turn the wheels, look for shiny places on the frame behind the wheels or a rubbing place on the back of the front tires.

  2. you could try the mitchell/other repair guides online, though some cost a few dollars