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Monday, June 30, 2014

question about catalytic converter in California

my friend is moving to california and someone told him he will be required to put a cat on his 1966 mustang. he found out by a dealer it never had one since they didnt require them until the 70s. the person he knows said that he had a classic car also and they failed his emissions since he didnt have a converter on them.

my question is will they make him put a converter on his car since it didnt have one through factory? wouldnt it be a risk of causing a fire since it hasnt had one? i have heard that also before. thanks


  1. Any vehicle 1975 and older is exempt from California smog regulations. Technically, if it had a Cat from the factory, then it needs one. It also depends on the county he's moving to - some are smog exempt - some require dyno testing. Here's the official smog site: & then go to

  2. he was afraid he might get into a lawsuit with the state or whatever from it. he is already saying he wont put a cat on it because it will ruin the value of it since its then an aftermarket part and it wasnt made for that vehicle.

  3. In California, no emissions testing is required for cars older than 1975.

  4. in ireland you have a CAT unless it is insured as classic car (also before 1975). but laws are crazy here for cars, as of next year you can't insure a car older than 10 years, and that is crazy, exemptions for classics, but nuts