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Monday, July 07, 2014

1984 Buick Skylark Fuel Pump

 My fuel pump will not engage after I drive the car for any amount of time from 100 yards to 20 miles. it runs and starts like a brand new car when it has sat for a couple hours or more. I replaced the fuel pump.fuel pump relay/oil relay/10 amp fuse/and fuel filter. If the car is cold it starts and runs like a new car. If I run it for any amount of time and turn it off it wont restart til it sets for a couple hours. This is costing me a lot of cash for taxi rides home and back to my car.


  1. Sounds like a stopped up filter,

  2. Did you check for loss of power at pump? THIS COULD SIMPLY BE BE WATER IN THE TANK. You could have electrical issues at a plug etc.

  3. Could be a stopped up fuel filter most likely cause. (Normally found just in front of rear axel where almost impossible to get to )

    Did you change the Fuel Pump Strainer/Filter in the tank when you changed the pump?

    If not you voided any warrantee on the new pump and it could be causing your problem still.

    Also most electric pump cars have a "Crash shutoff Relay" that could be going bad for some reason, it is a manual reset usually but not always near the pump someplace.

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