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Monday, August 25, 2014

My Carb keeps flooding

I have a Q-Jet carburetor, that I run a Mr. Gasket dial type regulator on. If I don't use a regulator, it floods all the time.
These cheap regulators cost about 20 dollars, but only last about 6 months.
The stock pump runs at 7psi, what causes the flooding without the regulator, which these carbs don't normally use?


  1. the needle valve and seat in a quadrajet is only made to hold back about 2.2 pounds of pressure if its an early one. Thats all the old time diaphram fuel pumps could pump. the modern electric fuel pump pumps over 50 pounds which easily blows past the needle and seat in a quadrajet. thats why you need a regulator, to stop the extra pressure from flooding the carb.

  2. I thought Q-Jets could handle about 4psi. Even then, my stock mechanical is almost double this @ 7-9.But this old Quad is a 74' so its 40 years old, I guess it's time for a new used carby at the local swap meet, where you can get an Edelbrock clones for about 80$ or so .