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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Headlight problem 2002 Buick Lesabre

ok other day my dad was leaving for work and his headlights on his 02 buick lesabre wasnt coming on. they are supposed to be automatic headlights. he had no tail lights either. he has a black bulb on dash and it wasnt covered. he drove my truck to work that day. later we got home and looked at it and we can press the twilight button and turn them on manually. what can go bad to prevent the automatic headlights from working? thanks a lot in advance


  1. Check all of your fuses. Refer to your owners manual, it should tell you where to look for it. If not that then maybe the sensor went bad.

  2. fuses were first thing we checked. thats what we think it is now. the sensor on the dash. we covered it up and uncovered and didnt help. the lights can be turned off and back on manually. im wondering in the computer settings where we can customize the cars stuff (like mirrors to go down when parallel parking and other stuff maybe theres automatic headlights on there)

  3. I am still thinking it is the sensor but I did read about some of them having a bad headlight switch.