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Monday, November 10, 2014

fixing brake lines

I ordered the brake line tubing (one continuous length of 25 ft
copper-nickel line) after measuring what is on the car with a caliper
tool. I'd like to ask a few questions . . .

I've read that the 3/8" double flare tool can be used interchangeably
with the 4.75 mm one since they are so very close, except for the
fitting nuts on the end. Is this the case? I have a double flare tool
kit that covers 3/8".

Also, is there a way to know what the flare fitting nut size is other
than taking it to the auto parts store? If I can order the nuts online
and the double female connector, I can save a few $$$. But the biggest
amount of savings was in the line, about 40% less than locally after
shipping is considered, a bit less if you consider local sales tax
isn't charged.

If I run both rear lines continuous to the rear I can re-use the
original nuts, but if I decide it's much easier to put fittings about
2-3 feet ahead of the rear brakes, I might use double flare fittings
and an adapter for each rear brake line. That means I will need metric
nuts, I believe. There are more than one size of metric nuts for the
flare fittings. I've seen 10mm, 12mm, and others, too.

One other thing--how important is it to use the original brake/fuel
line retainer on the underbody? Is it unwise to use heavy duty plastic
ties to attach the new lines to what's already there? It should save
some work if that's not a bad idea.


  1. hydroboost is brake booster run off usually from power steering pump vs. vacuum from the engine, used mostly on diesel engines or heavy duty gas, loss of brakes does not effect power steering, but loss of power steering belt or fluid will result in loss of power brakes..not loss of brakes, just the power assist

  2. Yeah, but did it fix the entire issue?

  3. My breaks just don't seem to have the same stopping power that they used to. Is this a problem with the wiring, or do I just have to go out and get new pads? Hopefully I can do the fix myself, as I love to get my hands dirty and work on the car myself.