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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chevy S-10 Battery problems

I buy "blems" or "reconditioned" batteries at the Interstate battery
store. One of mine lasted 8-3/4 years. They're only guaranteed for 90
days, but they are either blemished (a minor blem) or a battery that
was sitting on a retail shelf for 90 days and brought back for
"reconditioning" by charging and they have to meet the same test as a
new one. Those on retailers' shelves are probably less than 90 days

They were, the last time I checked, the battery with the least number
of returns for initial defects. They cost a little more for the brand
new ones, but much less for the blems and recons. Figure around $45 if
you buy the latter. At that price, if it lasted 3 years, it would be
worth it, but every one I've bought has lasted longer than that, and
some survive until I sell the vehicle. And I keep mine until they're
not worth much, as my goal is to get 250,000 miles out of the vehicles
if I can and if they aren't wrecked. Then I sell them and buy another
newer but used one in satisfactory condition.


  1. You could but why? Cutting the cables and putting on a top post connector is not advised as they will corrode and give you problems and buying new cables and putting them on is more trouble than installing a side post battery. Use a good battery like interstate and you wont have to mess with it. If you still want to use a top post, they sell rubber covers that go over the cable ends to protect ehm just make sure the battery isn't taller than the old one.

  2. i may just get the adapter that will convert it to sidepost where i can run it still. i could always sit it in there and close hood to see.

  3. You'll want to protect the posts before you close the hood or you
    might be in for an unpleasant and possibly dangerous.surprise.

  4. I've been having all kinds of battery issues. I don't know what it is, but for some reason the battery just doesn't charge. I've had to jump my car three times already this week. What would you guys recommend I do at this point?