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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Stuck in 4 wheel drive

So its winter time and getting down in the teens and below zero on some days. I jump in my trusty 4 wheel drive without a second thought I push the Auto 4WD button on the dash. My driveway is about an 1/8 mile long with a incline at the end. So I was pretty sure after the 4 inches of snow fall i would need the 4WD to get out. No problem, all was well and off to work I go. After work I hop in and start down the road and figure since the roads were clear I would just pop it back in 2WD and head on my way. The light on the dash switched from Auto to 2WD. Didn't think much of it till I turned a sharp corner and noticed the front wheels grabbing like I was still in 4WD. I took note of the outside temperature, 5 degrees, and remembered that a tech form had answered a question I asked a while back about this very issue. It turns out that when this happens if you can pull it in the garage or wait for it to warm up, everything works as it once did. And sure enough, once it warmed up outside, back to normal.  Thought this would be of some use for anyone with the same issue or can't get there truck out of Four Wheel Drive.

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  1. this was very helpful and probably saved me a ton of money. Mine was acting just like this. A little research on the net when I came accross this post. I let it thaw out and everything is back to normal. You would think they would design it a little better as if people aren't gonna drive a 4x4 in the snow, lol.