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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Heater blowing cold air from dash

My heater is blowing cold air from the dash and I need it to blow warm as it is the only car I have to get to work. Both heater hoses are warm going into the firewall. It is a Ford Navigator. I do have heat in the back but not in the front. What could be the problem?


  1. Check the hoses going to the front heater core from under the hood. If one is hot and the other is cold, your heater core is clogged and will need back flushed or replaced. If both are warm(most common) then:
    Your Hot/Cold Mode door actuator has failed and is no longer working in the dash. This is a common failure part.

  2. I agree if the heater core hoses are hot then the blend door motor is not working properly or may also be the control head