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Monday, February 09, 2015

very little heat in 2000 Mazda Protege

Just today I noticed a change in the amount of heat my 2000 Mazda
Protege supplies when on the full heat setting with any vent position.

Since it went to almost no heat so suddenly, I will be checking things
out when we get a warm spell soon. I don't need the heat, and it was
fine in the car today when the temperature outside was about 32 deg F.
Aside from a possible clogged heater core, could a vacuum problem
cause partial heat also? I don't know if this year of Protege uses
vacuum for the heat setting but it appears that it does for the vent
position switch.

If it's possible that it's a vacuum line or valve, I'd like to know
where that might be if someone here has some experience with this

Also, in case it is a partially plugged heater core, how difficult is
it to get to the heater core to remove it if backflushing doesn't
solve the issue?

I don't need to rush into this as I have two other vehicles, one of
which is an older Protege that I believe I will be replacing the rear
wheel hubs soon due to a worn out wheel bearing on the LH side
(they're "lifetime" lubricated).

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