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Thursday, April 02, 2015

VW Passat having Starter issues.

I have a 2000 vw passat 1.8t. Which I just installed a new starter. All my connections are to perfection. Yet, now, when after about 20 minutes of the engine being on, it starts to idle up, revving by itself and dropping. i noticed oil leaking above the starter but its a minimum. Before the starter went out, and needed changed, it never did this. My husband is car illiterate and only knows how to drive, put gas and change the oil. So even while 8 months pregnant, I am still the mechanic that's doing the work. Just never had a problem like this. So could there be a clog, or pcv valve issue, even perhaps some sort of vacuum leak... Something simple? Hopefully? Any help in directing to fix this problem would be appreciated.


  1. Do not buy a junk yard sensor, you could cause more problems. If you did have the battery disconnected for the starter then your vehicle may be relearning. How has it been like this?

  2. All idle "loping" troubleshooting include: vacuum leaks, leaking EGR, plugged PCV, air filter clogged , leaking head gasket, worn timing chain or belt, camshaft lobes worn, valves burnt or leaking, ignition system, dirty or clogged injectors , faulty idle control sys, faulty emissions or ECM systems.

  3. It has been like this since i have replaced the starter and reconnected the battery. For 5 days now, but I won't drive it in fear of being stranded with my one year old in the car.