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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Ford Focus has no heat coming out of vent

I am having problems with my ford focus zetec, 02 plate 1.6 The temperature gauge seems to be playing up, sometimes I can be driving and the gauge is sitting in the middle and sometimes it sits in the white box , sometimes like its not working. Yesterday I traveled from colchester to Peterborough, on the way the the dial was sitting in the middle, but on the way home last night it was hardly registering on the dial at all, sometimes in the white box and sometime just outside the white box, also if it was slightly up when I slowed down the dial would go right down, no sure if its related but I don't seem to get any heat out the blowers, all the way from Peterborough I got no heat. Do you think it is overheating but why is there no heat coming from vents?


  1. First thing to do is check the water level in the coolant tank, will be the tank with a yellow cap under the bonnet, if there is no water it would indicate a leak, if there is no leak I'd be looking at a temperature sensor most likely, either the sensor has become faulty or another problem is that the "core plugs" corrode in the cylinder head and flood the sensor

  2. It would have had heat if it was the sensor...

  3. it sounds like a sticking open thermostat in your engine, it stays open hence the engine is over cooled