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Monday, May 11, 2015

How to program my immobilizer module

PROGRAMMING THE SENTRY KEY IMMOBILIZER MODULE NOTE: If the PCM and the SKIM are replaced at the same time, program the VIN into the PCM first. All vehicle keys will then need to be replaced and programmed to the new SKIM. • Turn the ignition on (transmission in park/ neutral). • Use the DRBIII® and select THEFT ALARM, SKIM then MISCELLANEOUS. • Select SKIM MODULE REPLACEMENT (GAS-OLINE). • Program the vehicle four-digit PIN into the SKIM. • Select COUNTRY CODE and enter the correct country. NOTE: Be sure to enter the correct country code. If the incorrect country code is programmed into SKIM, the SKIM must be replaced. • Select UPDATE VIN (the SKIM will learn the VIN from the PCM). • Press ENTER to transfer the VIN (the PCM will send the VIN to the SKIM). • The DRBIII® will ask if you want to transfer the secret key. Select ENTER to transfer secret key from the PCM. This will ensure the current vehicle ignition keys will still operate the SKIS system. 3.2.11 PROGRAMMING THE IGNITION KEYS TO THE SENTRY KEY IMMOBILIZER MODULE 1. Turn the ignition on (transmission in park/ neutral). 2. Use the DRBIII® and select THEFT ALARM, SKIM, then MISCELLANEOUS. • Select PROGRAM IGNITION KEYS. • Enter secured access mode by entering the vehicle four-digit PIN. NOTE: A maximum of eight keys can be learned to each SKIM AT ONE TIME. Once a key is learned to a SKIM it (the key) cannot be transferred to another vehicle. If ignition key programming is unsuccessful, the DRBIII® will display one of the following messages: Programming Not Attempted -The DRBIII® attempts to read the programmed key status and there are no keys programmed in the SKIM memory. Programming Key Failed -(Possible Used Key From Wrong Vehicle) -SKIM is unable to program key due to one of the following: • faulty ignition key transponder • ignition key is programmed to another vehicle. 8 Keys Already Learned, Programming Not Done -SKIM transponder ID memory is full. • Obtain ignition keys to be programmed from customer (8 keys maximum) • Using the DRBIII®, erase all ignition keys by selecting MISCELLANEOUS and ERASE ALL CURRENT IGN. KEYS • Program all ignition keys. Learned Key In Ignition -Ignition key transponder ID is currently programmed in SKIM memory.

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