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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Check Engine Light On Code P0463

My Check Engine Light is on and it says p0463 which is Fuel level sensor A circuit high. i just replaced my entire fuel pump which i was told it was a sensor on there that cannot be replaced. after i replaced i cleared code and when i turned it back on it done the same thing. the pump was new. what else could it be?


  1. The code refers to a circuit that includes the level sensor, but also
    the entire circuit. You've replaced part of the circuit, but another
    part could be the culprit. I mentioned the resistor wire but that may
    not be the problem. Resistor wire shouldn't increase or decrease in
    resistance by much over time unless it is disconnected (infinite
    resistance) or shorted somewhere (lowered resistance to ground if it
    leads to ground, for example).

    There are plenty more web search results using the search terms above.
    I didn't go through more than a couple but you might want to. I used

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  3. I've found that "check engine" lights may not mean anything. In fact, my grandpa used to ignore his whenever it came on. However, you can never be too careful. Have you thought about taking it in to a mechanic?