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Monday, August 24, 2015

Buffing and waxing my car

Looking for an inexpensive buffer. What is the best rpm to buff wax onto car without throwing it off and what is the best wax? Everyone telling me meguiars ultimate compound


  1. If you have an Ollie's store nearby, at least some of the stores have
    a buffer on sale. I don't remember the price, but it wasn't very
    expensive. Their motto is "Good stuff, cheap!" so it won't be
    expensive. Keep your receipt. If it doesn't perform well for your
    purpose, return it for a refund.

    I can't give you any advice from personal experience on waxes, but
    Consumer Reports (I have an online subscription) would be a good
    source for recommendations . . .

    Under the liquid and gel waxes that they rated, Meguiar's NXT
    Generation Tech Wax was rated at 69 points out of 100 (it was the top
    in this category). Nu Finish NF-76 rated only 1 point lower (68
    points) and was a Best Buy at less than 1/2 the price of Meguiar's ($8
    vs $18). The other Best Buys in this category (but further down th
    elist) were Meguiar's Cleaner Wax A1216 (65 points) and Mother's
    California Gold Carnuba Cleaner Wax 05701 (64 points)

    For paste waxes, Nu Finish NFP-80 (the best of all for durability) was
    the top rated one at 71 points and was a Best Buy. Turtle Wax Ice-T465
    wasn't a Best Buy but rated as Recommended (68 points).

  2. In terms of waxes I use Bilt Hamber Double-Speed wax, it's fairly low cost and a great quality finish. I've used Meguiars as well though and could recommend that just as easily - they have a few compounds. It's also worth checking the Meguiars drill powered buffer - you buy the pad fitting and attach it to any power drill and away you go, a good economic option if you're unsure on buffering.

  3. i've heard good things about Meguiars, but just to sure not to buff it too much and take the paint off !

  4. Don't use too much buff, agree with you auto repair.

  5. Yes, I am looking for an cheap buffer. Can you give me a good solution, John Helton?