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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Welding Gas Question

A couple of days ago while buying an extension ladder from a person in
Vandalia, OH, I also bought a gas welding setup with the two oxygen
and acetylene tanks, and a rolling cart for the tanks.

I've done some brazing before with oxy-acetylene but not true welding.
I plan to learn what I can from YouTube and from a highly rated book I
have ordered from Amazon.

What I's like to know is how I should go about getting more gas when
these tanks are eventually empty. These tanks are beyond their
certification date.

Do I just exchange the tanks for filled ones or do I have to get these
re-certified and pay a fee? If there's a fee involved, roughly what is
the charge for re-certifying a tank for acetylene or oxygen?


  1. By the time my tanks are empty, they’re out of certification so I go to a place that will exchange them...

  2. I called Airgas today and they said it would probably just be an
    exchange deal like you mentioned.

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