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Monday, June 06, 2016

Honda Code p1361 and Code p1366

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P1361 – TDC Sensor 1 Circuit Intermittent Interruption and P1366 – TDC Sensor 2 Circuit Intermittent Interruption

Windshield washer fluid is for the windshield, not the top dead center sensor. Even a component as simple as a windshield washer hose can cause big trouble. Follow along with this unique Real Fix and wash away the trouble codes.

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Vehicle2000, Honda Odyssey EX, 3.5L
P1361, P1366, Cleaned Top Dead Center Sensor Harness Connectors, Replaced Windshield Washer Hose

The customer states the check engine light is on.


Connected a scan tool and found codes: P1361 – TDC Sensor 1 Circuit Intermittent Interruption and P1366 – TDC Sensor 2 Circuit Intermittent Interruption. Performed a visual inspection of the engine compartment and found traces of washer fluid on both of the top dead center sensor harness connectors. Traced the washer fluid leak and found a broken windshield washer hose. Upon further inspection, found the damaged windshield washer hose leaked washer fluid onto the top dead center sensor harness connectors.

Replaced the windshield washer hose and cleaned the top dead center sensor harness connectors, cleared the codes, performed a road test and verified the vehicle operated properly. The check engine light did not illuminate and no fault codes returned.


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