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Monday, October 30, 2017

Ford Explorer erratic shifting Code P1717


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An erratically shifting transmission can be caused by many things. Follow this Real Fix to see how to diagnose code P1717 on this Ford Explorer and fix the erratic shifts.

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2004 Ford Explorer 4.0L
Check Engine Light Is On, P1717, Replaced Automatic Transmission Solenoid Pack
The customer states the check engine light is on.
Connected a scan tool and found code P1717 – SSD Inductive Signature Malfunction. Used the scan tool to monitor the live data, test drove the vehicle and found the transmission shifts were erratic. Visually inspected the transmission wiring harness and connectors and found no visible faults. The fluid was clean and at the proper level. Disconnected the automatic transmission shift solenoid wiring harness connector, inspected the terminals, and found no faults present. Used a multi-meter to check for the presence of a short in the automatic transmission shift solenoid circuits, and found no shorts were present. Used the multi-meter to check for the presence of battery power at the automatic transmission shift solenoid wiring harness connector and found battery power was present. Used the multi-meter to check the continuity of the automatic transmission shift solenoids and found automatic transmission shift solenoid “D” was intermittently electrically open when the solenoid was tapped on to simulate road shock. The tests indicated the automatic transmission shift solenoid was faulty. The automatic transmission shift solenoid “D” is integrated into the automatic transmission solenoid pack and is replaced as an entire unit.

Replaced the fuel pump resistor and verified the vehicle operated properly. The customer’s concern did not return.

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